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Automatic Wireless Hair Curler

"I can finally make my own curls in 10 minutes, and they last all day!" -Jennifer T. 

Introducing our cordless automatic hair curler. It will help you style, iron, and condition your hair simultaneously and within a fraction of the time! It offers fast and wireless operationand its automatic technology wraps around your hair and creates curls automatically in as fast as 8 seconds. 

With its built-in rechargeable battery, you can get instant curls anytime, anywhere without searching for a power outlet. It is a perfect replacement for traditional curling irons. The carbon-ceramic coated barrel gently brings your hair up to optimal temperature and superior heating chamber design distributes up to 390°F of heat evenly to prevent damage and create smooth natural-looking curls.

✅ With our automatic hair curler, you will be able to achieve perfectly smooth and natural-looking curls that will last all day long.

✅ Save time and frustration with the simple click of a button and complete your look for your day in under 10 minutes!

✅ Cordless: Perfect for on-the-go styling! Easily fits in your handbag or gym bag for beauty in motion. Up to the 60-minute cord-free run time, run time will vary based on heat and timer settings selected as well as hair type.

✅ Save yourself from straining your hands when using a curling iron as you manually wrap each strand of hair around your device. Our internal heating system will also prevent any accidental burns that may occur!

✅ Your hair will no longer get stuck or tangled, if you put too much hair inside, our automatic hair curler will not start curling.

✅ You can easily vary how you want your curls to look by switching the heat and time setting or switching the rotation. (left and right)

Are you still learning to master your curling iron, is it taking to long to prepare your hair, or do you simply want an upgrade? Getting ready before leaving your house is time-consuming and you want to be satisfied with the effort you put in to look your best. As women, we know how long it can take to get ready, fixing up our hair, putting on makeup, etc. That is why we decided to share our automatic hair curler. It has been proven by thousands of customers to help you achieve smooth and natural-looking curls in minutes.

Become your own stylist as our hair curler is simple to learn and easier to apply! The heat and timer settings implemented allows you to change the way your curls look, so you can go with different styles based on your mood! Start saving time and effort with our automatic hair curler!

How To Use: 

  • Hair is wrapped into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect bouncy curls.
  • Ceramic heat technology produces infrared heat while the conditioning benefits of anions results in shinier, healthier, and more lively hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • The digital temperature can be customized to avoid unnecessary heat damage.


Special utility: In addition to being cordless and portable, when charged it can serve as a power bank for your phone!