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Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer

"Just after a few days I already feel more energized and ready to own the day!"

- Jason M. 


Generate Pure Hydrogen Rich Water Anywhere

The Ionizer Bottle injects hydrogen molecules into regular drinking water, making pure hydrogen-rich water! Molecular Hydrogen has been proven by several studies to provide more energy, increase blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption, and delivers antioxidants to your body and reduce inflammation.

Portable Water Ionizer

 As the hydrogen is being increased in the water, it also expels the impurities and absorbs the residual chlorine and ozone. The Ionizer bottle is becoming more popular among athletes and people who want to take greater care of their health!

Why Drink Hydrogen Water? Get Your Body Running on 110%! 

✅Water is the healthiest choice to keep your body hydrated, but what if you could provide even more benefits to the water you drink and get more energy out of it!

✅Drinking water with high levels of hydrogen is shown to reduce inflammation in your body and increase blood flow, overall improving athlete’s day to day general performance.

✅Increasing the number of antioxidants you intake helps protect your body against diseases and several health problems including heart diseases, it is important to include them in your daily food intake!

✅It also helps you increase your metabolism, and reduce body fat percentages if you are overweight, decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol and increasing the amount of good cholesterol in your body.

Emma R. review of HDRO Bottle 2.0

Do you already mostly drink water to stay hydrated? What if adding this simple bottle can bring you additional benefits in your health and wealth and well-being. In several 10 week studies, a group of people has been given hydrogen-rich water and they were able to see changes in, weight loss, cholesterol, blood circulation, and inflammation!


With the simple click of a button all the water you drink can become Hydrogen Rich as well. Invest in your health, invest in your well-being, invest with us.
Research Available to Back the Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water
We've already shown you the benefits of owning a hydrogen water bottle, however, in case you are new to the idea of hydrogen-rich water, it might interest you to know what research is available to support this. "Over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the body and in 150 different human diseases." -Molecular Hydrogen Foundation



The reason that hydrogen, or H2 as it is known, is effective in promoting health is due to its ability to fight free-radical activity in the body. Hydrogen water with a concentration of 1.6 mg/L contains more antioxidant potential that 100 mg of vitamin C. 

Niko A. review of HDRO Bottle 2.0

How To Use: 
  • Place your water in our Ionizer Bottle and simply press the button (you can bring it anywhere you go)
  • After three minutes you will have a bottle full of hydrogen-rich water!
  • You can charge around 20 bottles before you will have to recharge



  • Do not place burning hot water in the bottle!
  • To clean, pour some white vinegar on the plates at the bottom of the bottle (Do not wash in the dishwasher or scrub with a brush)
  • The toxins get expelled from the bottle automatically

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Product Details: 
Product size:7*21cm
Exhaust vent to expel ozone and chlorine gases
Hydrogen concentration:700-900ppb
Negative potential:-450mv-300mv