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BananaCave™ Cat Bed

 “My cat loves her new bed!! She climbed right in and hasn't moved!” — Kimberly N ✅ 

Cat's Favorite Banana Peel Bed – PetCareClub

The Purrfect Cozy Home For Your Cat

A charming, banana-shaped pet house gives your fur baby more safety and coziness during these coming cold nights. Cats love their hiding holes, it’s where they rest, groom and sleep. We’ve created BananaCave™ so they can have a fluffy, purrrfect, cat place, just for themselves. With softness all around it’s easy to relax and unwind as a small animal. BananaCave was made to bring calm, comfort, and relaxation while reducing your cat's stress and anxiety. 

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Why Cats Love The BananaCave™ 

✅ The coziest hideout - Soft and spacious, BananaCave™ Bed is the purrfect place to play, rest, or simply get away from the world and watch you from a distance. Your cat will love to curl up inside and have their own little space to hide.

✅ Stress-free zone - If your little paw pal friend is easily scared, the BananaCave™ Bed will reduce stress for it to feel safe and secure in its own little home. 

Barks And Meow's Banana Cat Bed – Barks & Meow

✅ Safe & Breathable:  Designed with a semi-opened lid, your cat will have enough air passage to breathe normally, even when fully shut!

✅ Suitable for all seasons:  The soft, flexible felt also makes the cat cave suitable to sleep on top of. Keeps your kitty warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Every pet loves it - If you have a small animal then BananaCave™ is the right home for it! Every pet will fall in love with it, from cats, small dogs, parrots, rabbits, etc!


If sleeping was an Olympic sport, your cat would probably bring home the gold medal. They’re just absolutely expert sleepers. Cats who are deprived of these stages of sleep can become lethargic or irritable. Kittens especially need sleep to allow them to build their bones and muscles. Cats can also experience separation anxiety when left alone for periods of time. We designed BananaCave™ to help with these issues and provide the best sleep and entertainment for your pets while you are busy or away! Providing your cat with a cozy, calm, and restful place to enjoy life! Invest in your pet's happiness, invest with us.

We all know that cats can be picky creatures, and it can be difficult to find a pet bed that your cat will like and actually use This bed can be adapted to suit even the most difficult cat!



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