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Electric Wine Opener

"I Love how easy it is to use, all my friends asked where they could get one too!" - Alexa R.

Open your wine bottles with ease and style

Open your favorite wine bottle in less than 8 seconds without putting in any effort or worrying about breaking the cork or bottle. Our automatic wine opener is cordless and portable so you can show it off at parties or your friend’s houses. Its stylish design will catch people’s attention and the transparent shell around the mechanism enables you to see the whole process at work. You will easily open over 40 bottles before having to change batteries. Say no to finding cork pieces in your wine or breaking your corks!

 Plus you will also receive: A Wine Stopper, Wine Pourer and  Foil Cutter


Open all your wine bottles effortlessly with the simple push of a button, simply enjoy watching the work being done for you!

✅Never worry about breaking your corks or losing them in the bottle, leaving you frustrated and disappointed.

✅Spend less time serving your wine and more time enjoying it with your friends.

✅Do not injure yourself or your joints with a regular corkscrew but enjoy the comfort of the silicon handle on our automatic wine opener.

✅Grab your friend’s attention and amaze them with this new tool!

How many times have you broken a bottle, the cork, or found pieces of cork inside your wine? More than one? Probably a lot more, and it is not enjoyable! With our automatic wine opener, you can save yourself from all those struggles and more. It was designed for simplicity and effectiveness to remove the pain and hassle that can come with regular corkscrews.

How to use:

  1. Place the wine opener on the top of the bottle, keep the screw drill in the center of the cork. Make sure that the electric opener remains as straight as possible all the time.
  2. Press the lower button to release the cork out of the drill. Hold the bottle and wine opener firmly, and keep pressing the corkage button until the cork out of the bottle automatically.
  3. Keeps pressing the cork back button until the cork is pulled out.

(Includes: Wine Stopper, Wine Pourer, Foil Cutter)

Electric Wine Bottle Opener (642131689536)

✓ Food-grade screw, safe and durable
✓ Aluminum alloy housing and ABS transparent screw cover
✓ Power: 5W
✓ Rated voltage: 6V
✓ Size: 19 cm * 4.5 cm
✓ Rechargeable battery, 4*AA alkaline battery (not included)