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Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer

"Instead of throwing food out of leaving it on the counter, I just seal it up and it stays just as fresh as when I put it in!"  - Jane E. 

Stop Wasting Food and Money and start preserving it!

Lock the aroma, taste, consistency, and freshness of all types of food with our Vacuum Sealer! Exposing your food to air and oxygen, whether it is outside, in a container, or in the fridge, will cause your food to deteriorate, lose its flavor and consistency. With our Mini Vacuum Sealer you will be able to prevent this from happening and your food will taste just as delicious as when you made it or first opened it! You can keep your food fresh and flavorful for as much as 5 times longer. Its size makes it easy to travel with if you are on the go!


Mini Vacuum Sealer


We tested preserving muffins and cookies by placing them in our vacuum bags and taking the air out and the results we obtained were incredible. The baked goods when taken out of the freezer after a week we're still fresh and moist, ready to be eaten! On the other hand, the ones left outside were hard and nearly stale!



Why get the Vacuum Sealer?

✅You can help prevent food waste around the US and save money in the process by keeping your food fresh and delicious for weeks!

✅Easy to Operate: The system is fully automatic and easy to use for anyone in your family. It also includes overheating protection and noise reduction to keep it safe around children.

✅You can easily bring it to family gatherings thanks to its lightweight design.

✅You can keep your food and leftovers up to 5x longer than using regular bags or containers

How would you like to save an extra $1,600 each year? Did you know the average family in the US throws out $1,600 worth of food each year, resulting in a total of 80 billion lbs. All this waste has irreversible environmental consequences. (It wastes water and energy taken to produce the food and generates greenhouse gases). You can help saving money from your pocket and to help the environment by wasting less food, our Vacuum sealer can help you keep your food fresh for up to 5x longer, saving you time and money!


Includes 5 bags for you to use and reuse!