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Toddler Walking Harness

Help Your Child Build Confidence and Start Walking Quicker

Seeing your baby do his first steps is an incredible feeling. This baby walker helps your child build confidence and balance as he is learning to walk on his own. Usually, you may need to bend down and hurt your back in the process, however, with this you are able to stay upright and maintain your natural posture as your baby can mimic your movements. The perfect tool for a child that is strong enough to walk but not yet strong enough to walk alone.


✅Your baby can balance more naturally with our hands-free harness, increasing your child’s confidence to be prepared to walk alone.

✅The straps adjust easily to your reach so you can stand upright and take the strain off your back, while still helping your child.

✅With this walking harness, you will reduce the number of hurtful falls that your child will experience while still let him tumble to get better balance!

✅Your child will still have a total sense of control so that you are not helping him throughout the whole learning process.


    When your baby walks to you for the first time you get a feeling of pride and joy. When a child is learning to walk it is important for it to get accustomed to balance and not fall to often to be scared to try again. With our walking harness, you can give your baby the right amount of assistance so he doesn’t fall too much and hurt himself but still give him the freedom of learning to walk on his own!