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Anti-Spill Pet Bowl

"I used to need to constantly clean up after my dog before I found this, now I just have a few drops here and there!"  - Nancy A.


There is a time and place for everything, including playing in the water, but preferably not at home! Our no-spill pet bowl will help you prevent your dog from spilling water all over your floor and getting too much on his snoot. It has grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around, and a floating plate designed to keep the water in the bowl. Can a determined pet still make a mess? Maybe, but it will be a lot less than a conventional bowl and you will have more of a warning.



✅Save time and effort by not having to clean up so many of your pet’s messes! Our anti-spill bowl keeps the water inside and off his snout and whiskers!

✅Great for pets which tend to get water on their fur, snoots, ears, and whiskers and they will not be shaking it off around the house.

✅The floating tray automatically lowers with the water level inside the bowl so your dog can always get a drink and he can stop when he isn’t thirsty anymore.

✅You can use it on the go, in a car or boat, and not have a water spill all over the place.

✅Have the peace of mind that your pet will not cause any accidents unless he really wants too, our anti-spill bowl comes with a non-slip grip preventing it to move around all over the place.



    When was the last time your pet made a mess with his water bowl? Sometimes you may even look around and wonder if he even drank the water or just splashed it all over the floor for fun! Aside from being messy and uncomfortable, especially if you end up stepping in it, it can be dangerous as well. Our anti-spill bowl will keep your pet’s snoot and whiskers dryer and reduce the amount of spillage he causes! Save time and effort by not having to clean up so many messes.