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FireVest™ - Heated Vest

I love taking this skiing and hunting, I can spend all day outside without having the cold bother me at all! - Jason M. 


During the winter season, the temperature always gets below our normal body temperature and we need thick sweaters and jackets to survive the cold weather. Putting on many clothes does not entirely end the cold.

This puffy, padded, lightweight heated vest is your new go-to for outdoor sports, tailgating, and taking walks with your dog! The vest design is a step up from the norm. Enhanced fillings will provide exceptional warmth with the simple push of a button. Our FireVest can become part of your everyday life and your best accessory when going on outdoor adventures: hunting, ice fishing, skiing, hiking, etc. 


 ✅ Perfect For Any Outdoor Activity: Traveling outdoors during winter can be soothing and warm with our FireVest™. Whether you are ice fishing, hunting, hiking, or skiing it's always comforting to have that warm feeling in your body. 

✅ Superior Heating:  Utilizing infrared technology and carbon fiber heating elements, the FireVest™ has 8 strategically placed Heating Zones to warm your entire body in just seconds! The enhanced filling keeps the heat in, providing the perfect long-lasting warmth.

Health Benefits: The FireVest™ helps promote metabolism, stimulates Blood Circulation, and relieves rheumatism muscle pain to some extent with enough heat.

✅ 3 Heating Modes: The heated vest have an easy to use button with 3 different heat settings - High (120° F), Medium (95° F), and Low (75° F), so you can easily switch to your preferred heat with the click of a button. 

✅ Made For Comfort: Our material ensures a soft and comfortable touch feeling. Lightweight insulated for you to wear in many ways with unrestricted movement. You can easily place another coat on top! Water and wind-resistant for unrestricted comfort and coziness in fall and winter.

Not being able to withstand the cold is the most common reason for outdoor adventures to be cut short, whether you are hunting, ice fishing, working, or skiing. Now is the best time to start preparing for your next outdoor adventure, don't let cold weather cut it short! FireVest™ is your best option for battling cold winters. Our heating technology utilizes the safest, high-tech micro-wires and premium lithium-ion batteries to bring you effective heat controls that will literally melt the ice.  Easily keep yourself perfectly warm, so you can stay as active as you want out there in the cold! Designed to outlast all your cold-weather adventures!


 How To Use: 

  1. Insert the USB port to 5V power source. (Make sure your power bank must be fully charged before use)
  2. Long press the button for 3 seconds until it turns red to start heating operation.
  3. Press the button to change the level of temperature.
  4. Need to be connected to the mobile power supply when heating.
  5. Long press to turn off the heating system.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Machine washable. (Take out the power bank when washing)

Note: This vest can be used with any portable 5V power bank available in the market.This offer does not currently come with a battery


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