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Cozy-Toes™ Heated Insoles

“I love to go hiking in the winter but my feet would get so cold! These heated insoles have been such a blessing! They really do keep your feet warm.” — Rudy S 

Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter Wherever You Go!

 Introducing the all-new, second-generation Cozy-Toes™ Heated Insoles.  Featuring the most sophisticated heating technology on the market with rechargeable, smart lithium-ion batteries that bring you adjustable heat that lasts up to 6 hours.  A convenient, pocket-sized remote control makes it easy to adjust the temperature to keep your toes so warm you will be smiling from ear to ear.  



Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to warmth, comfort, and convenience. Winter's just around the corner and for most of us, our feet control the temperature for the rest of our bodies, cold feet make our whole body feel cold but warm, cozy feet make our whole body feel warm and fuzzy.  Simply charge them up and trim them to slip in your favorite shoes and your feet will be feeling nice and toasty in luxurious comfort all winter.


Heattify™ Insoles


Key Benefits: 

Perfect For Any Outdoor Activity: Traveling outdoors during winter can be soothing and warm with our Cozy-Toes™ heated insoles. Whether you are ice fishing, hunting, hiking, or skiing it's always comforting to have that warm feeling in your feet. 

✅ Our Cozy-Toe™ heated insoles are safe and eco-friendlywater-proof, breathable, and deodorant! They are made to fit any shoe as you can trim them to slip in perfectly!

✅ 3 Heating Modes: The heated insoles have an easy to use remote control with 3 different heat settings - High (120° F), Medium (95° F), and Low (75° F), so you can easily switch to your preferred heat. 



✅ Long-Lasting Battery: Easily recharge by using the included double micro-USB cable and standard USB wall adapter, included in the package. May also recharge on the go using and standard USB charge adapter or battery pack if necessary. Depending on the heat setting the insoles can last between 3-6 hours! 

✅ Made For Comfort: Our material ensures a soft and comfortable touch feeling that can be placed in nearly any type of shoe for both men and women. 


anseris heated insoles fit any shoe or boot like thermacell heated insoles are rechargeable


Cold toes are the most common reason for outdoor adventures to be cut short, whether you are hunting, ice fishing, working, or skiing. Now is the best time to start preparing for your next outdoor adventure, don't let cold feet cut it short! Heated Insoles are your best option for battling cold winters and cold feet.  Our heating technology utilizes the safest, high-tech micro-wires and premium lithium ion batteries to bring you effective heat controls that will literally melt the ice.  With the option to choose your own shoes or boots, the styles and adventure possibilities are endless. Enjoy heated warmth and soft comfort when your feet actually get cold. Easily keep your feet perfectly warm, so you can stay as active as you want out there in the cold! Designed to outlast all your cold-weather adventures!


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