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Jade/Rose Roller Set

"I started using this twice daily and I am loving the results, my skin is looking younger and I feel refreshed every time!"  Madison I.

A Beauty tool that has been used for centuries!

This timeless tool has been used by several civilizations around the globe to tighten, cool, and de-puff women’s skin keeping them beautiful and ageless. Jade has been associated with tranquility and is prized for its powerful properties and has been held in high esteem by Mesoamerican and Asian cultures.

Rose Quartz Double Roller - Aceology

It is safe and easy to add to your daily skincare routine which will improve your skin and relax you while you massage your face. Get the healthy glowing skin you deserve with a quick easy cure to your skincare struggles.

How the Jade Roller can improve your skincare routine:

✅Improves blood flow and collagen production: In Asian high society, jade is known as the stone of beauty and eternal youth. Rolling cool jade across your skin moves stagnant energy and toxins, stimulating blood circulation and increases the proportion of collagen (reduces wrinkles and roughness) in your face. It is recommended to keep your Jade roller in the fridge when not in use.

    ✅As you promote blood flow in your face, this will help decrease fluid retention, thus decreasing the puffiness under your eyes. It also helps to naturally get rid of the toxins inside your face by promoting lymphatic drainage.

    ✅The muscles in your face go through a lot of tension throughout the day as you go make facial expressions. This can cause wrinkles and fine lines, mostly around your eyes and forehead. As you massage your face with the jade roller you help keep your face tight and slow down the naturally occurring wrinkles which we all want to prevent!

    People are obsessed with jade rollers—here's what you need to know ...

      ✅Using the jade roller works in perfect conjunction with your other beauty products especially oils and serums, as you can apply them to your clean face and roll them in with the jade so they can penetrate deeper into your skin!

        ✅Relax and enjoy your skin routine! Jade has been associated with life, fertility, harmony, and is known to reduce stress. Take a minute to relax and enjoy the feeling while making yourself ready for your day.

        This tool has been used by the elite in Asian cultures for hundreds of years and is still widely popular today. This jade roller can help you wake up in the morning with its cooling properties and help you cut down the time you spend applying your beauty products. It will also help them work more efficiently, instead of letting them soak on your skin, you can massage them in and save time! Be confident that your skin will look its best throughout the day that you can enjoy to its fullest.